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Ontario Child Care Management System

This system provides support to government-assisted childcare in over 45 municipalities across the province of Ontario. The system includes the following key functions:

-         Application processing and eligibility determination

-         Waitlist management

-         Placement of children at child care providers

-         Attendance tracking

-         Payments to all subsidised child care providers via PeopleSoft or SAP interfaces

-         Caseload management

-         Five different user profiles each associated with its own set of access rights

-         Automated faxing of attendance records to providers via RightFax, Fax Sr. and Faxmaker interfaces

-         Internal and external reporting (over 50 standard reports)

-         Ad-hoc reporting feature

-         Budget planning and tracking

-         Extensive customization facilities enabling each municipality to tailor the system to their own business practices

-         Multilingual forms, reports, error messages, on-line help and manuals (the system currently runs in English and French, but adding other languages requires only translation of the text and no program changes)

Early Intervention Services

This database system keeps track of children with medical and developmental problems. It relates information on the family, individual children, therapists and other case workers assigned to handle the cases.


This application handles information on all MasterCard accounts acquired as a result of the merger of a bank and a trust company. As part of the project, most of the data originally residing within the mainframe CardPac application was converted and transferred to a newly developed application on a LAN.

Conditional Car Sales Contracts

This application handles information on Conditional Sales and Lease contracts for cars and recreational vehicles for a major Canadian bank. The application calculates the bonuses for car dealers and credits their bank accounts via an EFT interface at Harris Bank in Chicago, IL. It also supports interest rates that are subvented by the car manufacturers and creates EDI files for several car manufacturers who are part of the program. Financial and management reporting, statement production and customer correspondence are supported, and interfaces to legacy mainframe systems are provided as well.

Corporate Credit Card Statements (Autofax)

This application enables one of the largest US banks to send faxes to its corporate credit card customers automatically via a fax interface. The system processes detailed credit card statement information coming out of an IBM mainframe legacy system, and manages the creation and sending of faxes using a RightFax Fax Server. This fully automated process completely eliminates printing and handling of credit card statements.

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